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Best of Fethiye Turkey | Why Fethiye Worth a Tour

The Fethiye Turkey attracted people from all over the world due to its many tourist attractions, stunning natural and physical features, and wonderful temperature. Turkey’s Fethiye district, which is situated in the Aegean Sea region and has a stunning view Read More

cappadocia from istanbul

Tourism in Cappadocia Had a Boost

The record number of visitors to Cappadocia, which is listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, was broken in just 8 months, which pleased the industry. The “golden year” during eight months of the year is the number of Read More

Land of Legends Theme Park

The Best of the Land of Legends Theme Park

A sizable amusement complex called The Land of Legends is situated close to Belek, around a kilometre from the sea. It is the most visited theme park in the entire Antalya region, drawing close to 2 million visitors from around Read More

Akgol Natural Park Snowfall Scenery

Akgol Natural Park Snowfall Scenery

Numerous types and numbers of water birds reside in Akgol Lake and its surrounds. Given that some are in danger of going extinct, this 6787-hectare natural conservation area is very significant on a national and worldwide level. The Eregli reed Read More

Aegean Coastal Plain Enjoys a Mild Climate (2)

Aegean Coastal Plain Enjoys a Mild Climate

Turkey’s Aegean coastline is one of its most beautiful regions. Large, clean beaches are abundant throughout the stunning coastline, which is lapped by the Aegean Sea’s crystal-clear waters and is bordered by olive groves, rocky outcrops, and pine forests. This Read More

Sivas Turkey

Snowfall in Sivas has Its Own Magnificence

Sivas was a significant provincial capital during the Ottoman Empire, and in September 1919, Mustafa Kemal, who would later become the first president of Turkey, summoned the second national congress there, despite the city never regaining its former splendour. The Read More

Marmara Sea (2)

Marmara: A point of juncture between Europe & Asia

With a total area of 67.000 square kilometres (25.870 square miles), or 8.5% of Turkey’s total land area, the Marmara Region is located in the northwest of the nation. Due to its location at the meeting point of Europe and Read More

Lake Nemrut

Nemrut Caldera frozen by the effect of cold weather

One of the most significant wetlands in Bitlis province and a section of an active stratovolcano with a distinctive structural morphology in Turkey is the caldera of the Nemrut volcano, which is situated on the western coast of Lake Van Read More

Tourists in Abundance Gathered at the Erciyes (2)

Tourists in Abundance Gathered at the Erciyes

On the north-to-east side of the mountain of the same name, the ski resort at Mt. Erciyes is situated. It is a volcanic mountain that is 3917 metres high and offers stunning views in all directions. Located at a height Read More

Mersin Erdemli will Contribute to Tourism this Year

Mersin Erdemli will Contribute to Tourism this Year

In recent years, “bungalows” and “glampings,” which are now popular with travellers seeking a vacation entwined with nature, have been adopted in Mersin Erdemli. The project, which is nearly finished and will boost tourism this year, is predicted to become Read More

Cappadocia Turkey

Visitors Turned their Route to Cappadocia Turkey

Cappadocia Turkey, a region of swirling volcanic-rock landscapes that resemble the work of naughty elves, is a must-see destination for tourists travelling to Turkey. In actuality, though, the granite is being gently whittled away by wind and water. The Cappadocian Read More

Things to do in Istanbul

Straddling two continents, Istanbul is a city divided by the narrow waterway known as the Bosphorus. The city embraces it’s mixture of European and Asian culture and visitors will sense the contrasts with each turn. To really explore and understand Read More

Antalya A City Of Turkey

Antalya (population 2 million), “capital” of the Turkish Mediterranean Coast, is a sprawling modern city with a small, charming historic center, a good archeology museum, long sunny beaches to east and west, the Turquoise Coast’s busiest airport, good hotels, lots Read More

Bursa A City Of Turkey

Come to Bursa, due south of Istanbul across the Sea of Marmara, for its beautiful mosques and other early Ottoman architecture, for its silk-filled bazaars, its thermal spa baths and hotels. You can visit Bursa to see the top sights Read More

Ephesus A City Of Turkey

Ephesus is the best-preserved Roman city in the Mediterranean region, and one of Turkey’s top sights along with Istanbul and Cappadocia, but the Ephesus archeological site is not the only reason to visit this region. Selçuk, the town 3 km Read More

Pergamum (Bergama) A City of Turkey

Bergama (ancient Pergamum), 100 km (62 miles) north of İzmir and 250 km (155 miles) south of Çanakkale, was renowned in Hellenic and Roman times for its great library and as the medical center where Galen laid the foundation for Read More

Kas A City Of Turkey

Kaş (Kas), once an unspoiled fishing village, is now a relatively unspoiled tourist town on the southern bulge of Turkey’s Mediterranean coast two hours’ drive southeast of Fethiye and three hours’ drive southwest of Antalya. Despite dozens of new hotels Read More

Kalkan A City Of Turkey

Kalkan is a Turkish Mediterranean fishing village gone upscale to resort status. Located 27 km (17 miles) west of Kaş, it’s like Kaş with less land but more money. Kalkan has retained more of its Ottoman-era character, and has beauty Read More

Trabzon A City Of Turkey

Once known as Trebizond, this historic port city near the eastern end of Turkey’s Black Sea coast (map) provides interesting contrasts to the normal Turkish town. Trabzon (pop. 240,000) has been around since at least 746 BC, so it has Read More

Cappadocia A City Of Turkey

Cappadocia , Turkey is the historic area of central Anatolia bounded by the towns of Hacıbektas, Aksaray, Nigde and Kayseri. It was known as Cappadocia in ancient times, and is still called Kapadokya informally today.Cappadocia is Turkey’s most visually striking Read More

Istanbul A City Of Turkey

What Is Istanbul Plan at least 3 days in Istanbul — so much to see & do (even with kids), lots of good hotels, hostels, apartments/flats, restaurants, bazaars & shops, even beaches. Here are the best tours & itineraries… Istanbul Read More

Best Places to Visit in Turkey

With cities steeped in chronicles, beaches, and pretty countryside, a visit to Turkey promises an enchanted trip. Diverse offerings such as the ancient ruins of Ephesus to the luxury seashore resorts along the Aegean Sea will enthrall and captivate even Read More

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