Nature’s Masterpiece: The Splendor of Tortum Lake

The Bozburun Peninsula reminds one of the Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean with the view of Erzurum’s mysterious and hidden Tortum Lake.

The peninsula near to Tortum Lake, which lies on the way from Erzurum to the Black Sea, fascinates tourists with its current aspect. With the receding waters, the Bozburun Peninsula, which is situated on the shore of Tortum Lake and in the Balkl District of the Uzundere district, acquired colorful and lovely scenery.

Nature's Masterpiece The Splendor of Tortum Lake

Tortum Lake is notable for its 8 kilometers in length and an average width of 1,000 meters, which change in beauty and color with the seasons.

Campers and nature lovers are drawn to the peninsula, which reaches the lake’s center. Selçuk Güner, the head of Balkl District, said that their village’s peninsula has unique characteristics for our nation and said,

“It is necessary for us to promote this region to tourism and to analyze it. This location is now available for exploration. Numerous water activities are suitable for the Bozburun Peninsula. Every season offers the chance to visit and stay here.”

On the Tortum Stream within the boundaries of the Uzundere district of Erzurum, Tortum Lake is a landslide embankment lake that was created in the 18th century. The stream’s front was obstructed by the limestone chunks that separated from Kemerlida’s slope, and the waters that fell from a height of roughly 50 meters created the Tortum Waterfall. A lake with a diameter of 8 kilometers and a breadth of 100 to 1,000 meters forms behind the landslide embankment.

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The lake is approximately 100 meters deep and 1000 meters above sea level. The wooded regions surrounding the lake and the peninsula leading to the settlement of Balkl are used as a recreation area.

One of the popular locations for tourists and campers is the Bozburun Peninsula, which extends towards the lake in front of the settlement of Balkl. At Tortum Lake’s southernmost point, a tiny bird refuge is also there. All four of Turkey’s vulture species can be seen in the valley where the lake is located, which is a haven for birds of prey.

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