things to do in Turkey

Eco-Floating Hotel turkey

Turkey Designs the Eco-Floating Hotel for Tourists

A hotel that will float in the ocean, spin, and generate its own electricity has been designed. Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio from Turkey designed the Eco-Floating Hotel. The company revealed its hotel design on Instagram, stating that it is Read More

Top 4 Best Places to Visit in Fethiye Turkey

With its beautiful bays, clean beaches, and historical ruins, Fethiye Turkey, Mula’s second largest district after Bodrum, is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. It is one of the areas where many local and foreign tourists flock, regardless of Read More

Gallipoli and Troy Tour

The Best Places to Go in Turkey for Families

Turkey’s main draws are the colourful metropolis of Istanbul, the spectacular rock formations of Cappadocia, the ancient ruins of Ephesus, and the glistening Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines, but each region has something unique to offer. Those who have never been Read More

How to Get the Most out of Your Cappadocia Tour

Cappadocia is a picturesque region in central Turkey known for its fantasy landscape, cave dwellings, amazing rock formations, and, of course, hundreds of hot air balloons that soar into the sky each morning at daybreak. Cappadocia also has so much Read More

The Snow Grabs Tourists’ Attention in Taurus Turkey

The snowfall in Mersin’s high-altitude locations made the region’s communities white, particularly in the Taurus Mountains. Many individuals drove to the area after hearing it was snowing and liked it. The Taurus Mountains, also known as Toros in Turkish, are Read More

Aladağ Göksu Nature Park

How to Make Most of Your Time in Bolu Turkey

Bolu, a city in our country’s western Black Sea region, is a major transit station on the Ankara-Istanbul highway and is easily accessible. With a population of 311,810 people, the forestry, industry, and agriculture sectors are the most common sources Read More

Pigeon Valley

How to make your time memorable in Nevşehir

Kayseri to the east, Aksaray and Nide to the west, and Yozgat to the northeast surround Nevşehir, which is known for Cappadocia. Erciyes was formed 60 million years ago with the ashes and lava of extinct volcanoes like as Mount Read More

Halls of Emperors and Gods '

The Best Collections to See in Antalya Museum

A must-see for anyone attracted by Turkey’s rich archaeological history, the outstanding Antalya Museum or Antalya Archaeological Museum, 3 km (2 miles) west of Kalekapısı. The current province of Antalya contains tens and tens of major ancient Hellenic, Hellenistic, Roman Read More

Koprulu Canyon National Park: Famous Watersports Area

Koprulu Canyon National Park is the most popular watersport location in Turkey. Koprulu (Köprülü) The national park is great for walking, exploring the historic ruins or simply enjoying the magnificent Mediterranean landscape. In the heart of the various natural charms Read More

Canakkale Dardanelles

Here’s why you must give Troy a visit: Best Things to Do in Troy

The city of Troy – Troia – which has a long history, is the setting for the mythology of the Trojan Horse, which has been depicted in several literary works and film adaptations. Throughout history, the city of Troy, which Read More

Modern Art Museum

Istanbul Museum of Modern Art Reflects Turkish Culture and Creativity

The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art has a global goal for collecting, preserving, displaying, and documenting modern and recent art, photography, design, architecture, new media, cinema and Istanbul modern exhibitions. It serves as a conduit for the exchange of Turkey’s Read More

Duden Waterfalls Antalya

Duden Waterfalls Antalya Offers Fun in a Cool Day

Everyone loves Antalya, but have you ever visited the Upper or Lower Duden Waterfalls in the city centre? You most likely did not! The Duden Waterfalls Antalya are part of Antalya’s natural grandeur, and they are nearly in the city Read More

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