Cappadox Festival 2017

Cappadox is the definitive Cappadocia experience, a progressive multi-disciplinary cultural festival that brings a host of international and local contemporary art, music, nature and outdoor programmes together. Set in the dramatic landscape of Cappadocia in Central Anatolia, Cappadox 2017 will Read More

Cappadox festival

Cappadox: Let Us Cultivate Our Garden The music, contemporary art, gastronomy and outdoor events of Cappadox in 2016 will intersect through the theme “Let Us Cultivate Our Garden”, inspired by the last sentence of Voltaire’s classic novel ‘Candide’. Now it Read More

Travel in Turkey

I’m not safe in Turkey. I’m not. What I mean is, I’m not safe from other people’s fears and what they create around me. The atrocities and struggles we see today – acts of terrorism, restricted freedoms of expression, divisions Read More

Snowy Istanbul

30.12.2015–Today snow start in Istanbul. Istanbul and Snow looks very beautiful before new year. Hope to join new year with snow. Time to have some romantizm with a nice snow condition in Istanbul.  

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