Mount Nemrut

Camping in Mount Nemrut: Merging Nature with History

Camping in Mount Nemrut isn’t just about setting up a tent beneath the vast canopy of stars; it’s an intimate embrace with history and legends that echo through millennia. As you settle down for the night, imagine the stone gods Read More

Mount Nemrut Turkey

When Snow Covers Mount Nemrut

Those who see the snowy vista from the summit of Mount Nemrut in Bitlis, the second-biggest crater lake in the world and the largest crater lake in Turkey, are mesmerised. The Nemrut Crater Lake, with an elevation of 2,250 feet, Read More

Mount Ararat

Top 7 Famous and Highest Mountains in Turkey

It is noted that every year a considerable amount of people visit various mountains and hill areas. This suggests they have a deep affection for mountains. Ankara, Turkey’s capital, is also famed for its outstanding natural beauty. There are actually Read More

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