Camping in Mount Nemrut: Merging Nature with History

Camping in Mount Nemrut isn’t just about setting up a tent beneath the vast canopy of stars; it’s an intimate embrace with history and legends that echo through millennia. As you settle down for the night, imagine the stone gods watching over you, their tales whispering in the winds. Curious about the secrets they hold? Dive into this guide, and let’s embark on an unforgettable journey together.

Camping in Mount Nemrut Merging Nature with History

After successful operations against terrorist organizations, the area around Nemrut Crater Lake, the second-largest crater lake in the world, Bitlis, Turkey’s largest crater lake, and Mount Süphan, which is 4,58 meters above sea level, has become a favorite camping spot for locals and tourists alike.

Both day-trippers and campers were accommodated at Nemrut Crater Lake and Süphan Mountain, which represent the hues of blue and green and were honored with the “Excellence Award” as part of the European Distinguished Destinations (EDEN) programme.

4 Days Turkey Tour – Cappadocia Nemrut Gobeklitepe SanlıUrfa

Since the area has a tranquil environment, more people are camping there every day, according to Bitlis Eren University (BEU) Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Nursing Associate Professor Dr. Cihan nen, who has been studying the area for many years. Shedding light on Camping in Mount Nemrut, Dr. Nen stated,

“I have been observing the area for a long time. I also keep track of my discoveries. Lake Van and Nemrut Crater Lake are two amazing natural places in Bitlis. It also has a beautiful natural setting that frequently displays the breathtaking starry sky. Many tourists from Switzerland, Germany, Norway, Finland, and other European nations visit our nation.

Every day, more individuals are setting up camp in Bitlis and the surrounding area. In addition, I saw that local tourists regularly frequented the area. Due to an increase in the number of bears on the Nemrut Kaldra, there have recently been fewer campers in Nemrut. But I also noticed more travelers in the Lake Van basin and Mount Süphan basin.”

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