Gumushane: The Hidden Gem of Turkey’s Black Sea Region

The amazing color riot of nature has begun to take place in the upper areas of Gümüşhane, one of the cities in Turkey where fall is experienced most magnificently. Autumn caused Gümüşhane’s highlands and forests to become as colorful as a painting. The location had a wonderful atmosphere due to the poplars’ and other trees’ various color tones, which ranged from yellow to red, orange to purple, in addition to the green of the pine trees.

Gumushane The Hidden Gem of Turkey's Black Sea Region

The Gümüşhane mountains, which display their natural beauty in the most amazing way as the colors pour onto a painter’s canvas and transform into a riot of color, have become one of the locations with the most impressive and magnificent color palettes in Turkey with the coming of fall.

The high portions of Gümüşhane have been essential during this time, which has become a favorite among photographers and nature enthusiasts, for those who want to go on a nature walk while being surrounded by the most stunning autumnal hues.

A nature walk on the 15-kilometer route from Mount Kostan to the village of Dölek was organized by 30 athletes who are members of the Gümüşhane Mountaineering, Nature Sports and Youth Association (GÜDAK). These athletes wanted to see these vibrant and impressive landscapes and explore the geography surrounded by the colors of autumn.

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GÜDAK members organized the first autumn event under the theme “Hello to autumn” in Gümüşhane, an ideal location for those who want to spend the autumn season in the shade of vibrant leaves. The walk began from the forest road of Kostan Mountain in Yayladere village and ended in the picturesque valley in the countryside of Erdemler village, with a view of the distinctive Dölek village in the distance.

The competitors had remarkable experiences throughout the competition, which was held under intermittent light rain, as they walked through landscapes that had burst into a riot of color. They also made sure to gather the naturally occurring fruits that could be discovered in the wild.

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