Spider Forests of Gumushane: Nature’s Majestic Webbed Wonderland

Nestled in the Kürtün neighborhood of Gümüşhane, the living tree museum “Spider Forests” is home to hundreds of years-old trees that reach the sky. As one of the country’s major mixed forests, it transforms into a riot of hues every autumn.

Spider Forests of Gumushane Nature's Majestic Webbed Wonderland

The Spider Forests Nature Reserve transforms into a magical landscape when autumn arrives, with the leaves taking on a thousand shades of yellow, orange, and red. This transformation transforms the area into a place straight out of a fairy tale, where all the shades of nature coexist. This year saw a record number of people attend the annual autumn walk through the Spider Forests, which come to life in the fall with their cascading waterfalls, bubbling streams, pure air, and distinctive scenery.

Event participants included 140 athletes from Gumushane Mountaineering, Nature Sports and Youth Association (GÜDAK) and Trabzon Tennis Mountaineering Ski Specialization Club (TEDAK). The Spider Forests are the tallest firs in Europe, the tallest and most diameter spruce in the Balkans, the Caucasus, and Turkey. The event was held within the boundaries of Yeşilköy village in Kürtün district.

In addition to walking the approximately 12-kilometer track through the enchanting autumnal landscape, nature lovers also stopped by the Çağlayandibi Waterfall Nature Park, which is situated near the Çıkrıkdüzü, Güven plateaus, and Kabaktepe Martyrdom. There, they saw 400-year-old spruce and fir trees that are registered as natural monuments.

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At the end of the walk, the athletes tasted the local products provided by the Kürtün Municipality and played horon with the kemençe. They had enjoyed the visual feast by breathing this atmosphere in the unique geography, which is one of the regions that experience the fascinating beauty of autumn in the most impressive way.

Throughout the stroll, enthusiasts for the natural world regularly paused to capture images of the scenery, which comes alive in the fall and is mostly composed of various tones of green, yellow, brown, and red.

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