Caravan Tourism: Discovering Samsun on Four Wheels

During the 676-month summer season, Samsun’s caravan parking spaces welcomed numerous local and international visitors from 77 different nations and 16 different cities. Every year, interest in caravan tourism grows more widespread, both globally and in Turkey.

Caravan Tourism Discovering Samsun on Four Wheels

The Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which owns three caravan parks in Canik, Atakum, and Miliç and has been successful in diverting caravan vacationers to Samsun, provides limitless services to tourists in these regions. The only thing the visitors need to do is take in the holiday, the sea, and nature.

Visitors to the caravan parking area, which offers amenities like hot showers, restrooms, and laundry, are increasing yearly. 77 thousand 39 visitors from 16 different countries spent the summer of 2023 at caravan sites owned by the Metropolitan Municipality. 3 caravans and 982 thousand 3 tents stayed at the facilities during the course of 676 months.

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Samsun, according to Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir, is one of Turkey’s most significant tourist destinations.

“In terms of tourism, our city offers a wide range of options. Our sea, beach, green spaces, and wildlife are plenty of lovely places that are worth seeing. In terms of tourism, our city is experiencing growth. Visitors are coming in greater numbers every year. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we keep working to improve the city’s tourism infrastructure and broaden its appeal. Interest in caravan tourism has grown significantly most recently. We have more caravans this year thanks to the work we have done. We have raised the number of RV sites in our city to three in response to the interest of travelers traveling by caravan. We established a caravan parking place in our Atakum neighborhood after Terme and Canik. With the addition of our new caravan parking sites, Samsun has emerged as a top destination for camping holidays.”

Nestled along the enchanting coast of the Black Sea, Samsun is Turkey’s captivating blend of history, nature, and vibrant culture. As you step onto its shores, you’re greeted by the gentle whispers of waves and the city’s rich tapestry of tales dating back to ancient civilizations.

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