When Snow Covers Mount Nemrut

Those who see the snowy vista from the summit of Mount Nemrut in Bitlis, the second-biggest crater lake in the world and the largest crater lake in Turkey, are mesmerised.

The Nemrut Crater Lake, with an elevation of 2,250 feet, is situated in the western portion of the Lake Van Basin, between the Bitlis districts of Tatvan, Ahlat, and Güroymak, and it has won the “Excellence Award” from the European Distinguished Destinations Project (EDEN). After nearly 5 hours of hiking over several metres of snow, academicians and photographers from Bitlis Eren University (BEÜ) reached the summit of Mount Nemrut.

When Snow Covers Mount Nemrut

Researchers and photographers who scaled the peak captured images of Mount Nemrut and its crater lakes covered in snow.

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According to Veysel Akşahin, a lecturer at the Güroymak Vocational School’s Department of Photography and Cameramanship, he and his professors from the Department of Radio, Television, and Cinema of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Bitlis Eren University (BEÜ) as well as their photographer friends made the five-hour climb to photograph Mount Nemrut’s snowy landscape and the crater lakes. Akşahin stated:

“Today we are accompanied by a very beautiful view. We arrived at the black west after almost five hours of walking. Although the process was challenging, the final product is very stunning when compared to where we started. This is our first visit to the area during the winter; we often come in the summer. A sizable lake is in our rear. a body of fresh water. Hot springs and a little lake are also present.”

Mount Nemrut Turkey

The second-largest crater lake in the world is this one. Sadly, hardly many people are familiar with this location. The purpose of this action was to advertise this location. The town of Tatvan and Lake Van are located on one side of the lake. Ahlat is on the opposing side. In other words, when we consider it, we are in a stunning natural setting right now. We captured the caldera and crater lakes in a stunning winter image with our instructors.

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