Top 7 Famous and Highest Mountains in Turkey

It is noted that every year a considerable amount of people visit various mountains and hill areas. This suggests they have a deep affection for mountains. Ankara, Turkey’s capital, is also famed for its outstanding natural beauty. There are actually plenty of mountain-famous destinations throughout the world. The country with numerous mountains and hills is quite specific for Turkey. The mountains are mainly quite well known. Mountains assist improve the beauty of the site everywhere. Let’s have a look at some of Turkey’s famed mountains with their characteristics. It would be fascinating to note their heights and such.

Mount Ararat

Mount Ararat

Height: 5,137 meters

This is the highest peak in the Armenian Highlands and Turkey today. The mountain lies around 16 kilometres west of Iran. Snow always covers the peaks of the mountains, and the mountain also has a dormant volcano. The former Armenians have been said to have lived here. The mountain is approximately 5,137 metres in height. In and throughout the country, the mountain is one of the famous mountains in Turkey.

Mount Suphan

Mount Suphan

Height: 4,058 meter

The second highest volcano in the world is reported to have this mountain. In 8050 BC, the volcano exploded last. The mountain is on the east side of Turkey. The mountain averages roughly 4,058 metres in height. Usually people don’t visit the mountain. It is well known in Turkey as a whole. When you’re in Turkey you must pay a visit to the Mount Suphan – prettiest places in Turkey.

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Mount Erciyes

Mount Erciyes

Height: 3,917 meters

Mount Erciyes, one of the highest mountains in Turkey, is sometimes known as Argaeus. It’s a Turkish volcano. It is also an active volcano which often erupts. Any time the volcano erupts, it becomes an important issue. This volcano also produced volcanic dome which is truly a menace to human existence. The mountain’s average height is around 3.917 meters. Most people who remain close to the mountain are always in considerable danger and threat.

Taurus Mountain

Taurus Mountain highest mountains in Turkey

Height: 3,756 meters

This mountain is in the south of Turkey. This mountain has three chains. The second is called the central Taurus and the three is called the southeastern Taurus. The second is called the central Taura. The importance of the mountain is immense. The main cause of tension is the Turkish and German railways that were placed in the map of Turkey between the Taurus Mountains during World War I. The mountain’s average height is 3,756mt. Taurus Mountain with its three chains is actually quite famous.

Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut highest mountains in Turkey

Height: 2,134 meters

It’s a well-known Turkish mountain. This place was discovered in 1881 by a German engineer named Karl Sester. This mountain is full of burials. The value of this peak is historic. Mount Nemrut was built in 1987 by UNESCO as a UNESCO World Historic site. Near this mountain, Adiyaman is a popular destination. The mountain’s average height is 7,001 ft. Most tourists coming to Turkey are planning to reach this mountain. The UNESCO indentations are highly kept and maintained.

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Mount Sipylus

Mount Sipylus highest mountains in Turkey

Height: 1513

Mount Spil, one of the highest mountains in Turkey, was the former name of Mount Sipylus. It’s a mountain with a famous history. In this mountain there is a statue. It’s generally called Cybele. This mountain has many traditional sayings. People coming to Turkey say that they are visiting the weeping rock. In this mountain there is a wild forest and a good area of wild tulips. It looks pretty fantastic. The mountains are supposed to be a popular area to camp or walk. The mountain height is around 4,964 ft.

Mount Hasan

Mount Hasan highest mountains in Turkey

Height: 3,268 meters

There is a dormant volcano in this mountain. There was an obsidian town during the ancient time. But all this was erased in the course of time. Climbing this mountain takes approximately six hours. Up to now signs of obsidian mirrors and flakes have been believed to be present. The mountain’s average height is 3, 268 metres. Every year, it receives a large number of tourists. At the moment, there were no volcanic eruptions in this mountain.

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