Tulips blooming in Mus appealed the visitors

City of Mus in eastern Turkey. It is located on the south side of a large plain in the valley of the Murat River, at the mouth of a gorge on the Kurtik Mountain sides. Vineyards and oak scrub cover the hills in the vicinity.

Mus turkey

It is believed that the 6th-century Armenian monarch Mushel I Mamikonian erected both the town and the citadel, which are now in ruins. The settlement, which the Arabs afterwards renamed Tarun, came under Ottoman rule in 1515. In 1966, an earthquake largely damaged the city of Muş.

Tulips flowering in the springtime turned the Mus plain a vibrant crimson colour. In Muş, which has Turkey’s third-largest plain, tulips with a red lanceolate structure are in bloom, giving viewers endless views to enjoy. Visitors throng to see the tulips, one of the rare plant species identified as “Muş 1071,” during the 15 days when they can remain healthy.

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The Tulip of Mush is a landmark that tourists from all across Turkey must see before leaving the city. The snow-capped mountains and the Mush tulip-covered plains made for stunning photos. By using their cameras, visitors attempt to capture these moments in time.

A 244 thousand 315 TL administrative fine will be imposed specifically if the Muş tulip, an endangered endemic and uncommon plant species, is plucked from its bulb and traded. Visitors are hesitant to even touch the tulips due to the alleged punishment.

Tulips blooming in Mus appealed the visitors

Kenan Demir gave the following explanation of their collaboration with over 50 photographers from various districts of the nation to photograph tulips:

“Our visitors came to our city to snap pictures of the tulips, which are both the city’s symbol and a symbol of grace, generosity, and love. We made an effort to accompany them in order to help promote tulips in our province.”

According to Murat Hanbayrak who travelled from Trabzon with a group to take pictures of them:

The tulips are quite extraordinary and fascinated us.

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