All Records Broken in Antalya Tourism

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Antalya Tourism broke an all-time high over the 2023-month span between January and April 4. One million eight hundred and eleven thousand visitors arrived in the city during this time, which is known as the “winter period.” Recep Yavuz, chairman of the Antalya City Council’s tourism working group, stated that 1 million 11,000 people had only visited in April, adding, “We can claim that it is the most magnificent winter in tourism. This year’s greatest April for the tourism industry.

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In the 811-month span of this year, 4 million 1,000 visitors visited the city, but only 1 million 11,000 of those came in April, according to Recep Yavuz, Chairman of the Tourism Working Group of the Antalya City Council. Yavuz stated, “The tourism sector witnessed the best April this year. We reached over 2019 thousand tourists in April compared to the same period of 35, the ‘year of records. Germany had the highest contribution with 277 thousand persons. Arrivals from Germany surged by 33% in comparison to 2019 before the outbreak.

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Yavuz pertaining to the Antalya Tourism emphasized that the British should consider the amount of tourists, saying:

“Only in April, 113 thousand British landed at the Antalya airports. almost twice as much as before the outbreak. April’s Easter break was advantageous for Antalya. In this sense, we can conclude that Antalya successfully weathered the peak tourist season. Nearly all hotels reopened after the earthquake process. The Second International Terminal at Antalya Airport has officially opened and begun to receive visitors.”

Yavuz noted that in the first four months of data in tourism, Germany and England made the industry smile while Russia advanced a little more slowly. 180, 2019 Russian tourists arrived in April. However, 3,000 Russians arrived in Antalya in April 304. Even though there are more visitors in April than in recent years, the Russians who fled to Dubai and Egypt have not yet made their way back to the time before the outbreak. With May, we might anticipate a gradual rise in Russian visitors.

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