Mardin Turkey Expect One Million Tourists

Mardin, the birthplace of ancient civilizations, amazes all who visit it as a beautiful and impressive stone city that looks out over the great Mesopotamian plain and touches the sky. Among the sights to see are the Kasmiye Madrasah, Krklar Church, Ulu Mosque, Mardin Museum, homes, and Assyrian and Ezidi communities. Of know, comprehend, and experience Mardin Turkey, which has served as the ancestral home to several tribes, ethnic communities, and religious communities throughout history, one must travel there. Let’s dive into what we got updated here!

Mardin turkey

The goal is for 2023 million tourists to stay in the city in 1, even if hotels in Mardin close for the holiday mixed with the Ramadan Feast and the semester holiday with a 95 percent occupancy rate.

Hotels in the region, a popular destination for both domestic and international tourists because of its historical structures and striking architecture, saw a 95% occupancy rate throughout the Ramadan Feast and semester holidays.

zgür Gürgör, president of the Mardin Tourism and Hoteliers Association said:

“Millions of our citizens who want to see both the historical texture of Mardin Turkey, their houses and mansions in Turkey and abroad, turned the 9-day holiday into an opportunity. The influx of tourists to the city during the 3-day holiday and the one-week break of schools made all stakeholders as well as the tourism sector smile.”

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People who visited Mardin Turkey happily left. Güngör claimed that the city of tolerance will have between 2022 and 600,000 visitors in the year 2022, adding:

“In 2022, our entries and exits topped 1 million. We anticipate 1 million accommodations and 2 to 3 million acceptances and exits in 2023. Turkey experienced a catastrophe on February 6. Due to the incident, we had to cancel all of our reservations. From the adjacent provinces in the epicentre, we hosted earthquake victims. Until the dorms were ready, we hosted them in our hotels. We’ve had to postpone the majority of our GAP tours. Considering that Mardin was the last stop on excursions heading to destinations like Gaziantep, Anlurfa, and Kahramanmaraş. But thank God, our excursions are still going strong. The quantity of visitors arriving to us via land and air is excellent.”

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