Orse Waterfall: Nature’s Majestic Masterpiece

At the base of Mount Cilo in Hakkari’s Yüksekova neighbourhood, Orşe Waterfall continues to draw a sizable number of tourists each day. Visitors to the 3,500-foot-high Orse Waterfall were members of the Ecological Platform Mountaineering and Sports Association, which conducts operations in the Yüksekova district.

Orse Waterfall Nature's Majestic Masterpiece

The group continues to promote the Hakkari region by making weekly trips to various parts of the district to boost tourism. The association conducts eco-related activities in the district.

The association’s members travelled to the Orşe Plateau and then strolled to the Orse Waterfall after meeting up on Cengiz Topel Street in the morning. Nature enthusiasts who visited and photographed Terazin Lake, Momin Lake, and Karvan Lake, which lie at the top of the mountains at a height of 3,500 feet, listened to guide Islam Gürdal tell the legend of Momin Lake while they swam and chilled off at the waterfall.

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According to Fatma and Zeynep Dorusöz, who claimed to have travelled from Kayseri to view Yüksekova’s hidden paradise:

“As nature enthusiasts, we met with the association officials and arrived to Karvan Lake, which is one of the three major lakes in Hakkari. Everything we saw captivated us. We advise nature enthusiasts who want to visit these locations because they are very lovely.

The Association’s vice president, Hakan Zanyar Aykut, said that they introduce a new zone every week and that the area we are currently in has the district’s biggest waterfall. We specifically brought nature lovers to the secret paradise of Yüksekova. Orshe Waterfall, a pristine natural marvel, has lately drawn visitors from outside. At the waterfall, friends are cooling off and taking lots of pictures.”

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