Canova Lakes: A Pristine Oasis in the Concrete Jungle

Canova Lakes A Pristine Oasis in the Concrete Jungle

Two naturally occurring lakes attract attention in the Canova settlement in Sivas’ Zara district. Tourists are welcome to visit the lakes, also referred to as the “evil eye bead” of the steppe.The naturally occurring lakes in Canova hamlet in Zara district of Sivas attract notice with their intriguing architecture. Despite being 50 metres apart, the lakes, whose waters are different from one another, are known as the steppe’s evil eye bead.

Canova Lakes A Pristine Oasis in the Concrete Jungle

People are interested in the lakes two km from Canova, a village near Sivas, which comprise hundreds of large and small lakes. Many folks who enjoy the outdoors are intrigued by these surrounding lakes in the same region. The lakes have greater water levels and are now available for visitors thanks to the heavy rainfall this year.

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The chief of Canova’s hamlet, Yahya Ahin, proclaimed the lakes to be priceless, saying,

“We refer to these waters as the village’s evil eye bead. Worth the journey. These two lakes’ water levels have risen as a result of the rains. Karagöl is the first, while Agöl is the second. The water of that lake is black, translucent, and opaque. We have these exceptional lakes in our village.

These lakes are a gift from Allah, the All-Mighty. A little further on, a hollow formed. He held the water in the same way. Going is also worthwhile. Although Karagöl is deeper, its water is land, as we say. He has no fish. Here, the fish is superb and abundant. I want to let visitors use our lakes.”

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