The Enchanting Beauty of Gumuskanat Waterfall

Gumuskanat Waterfall is a mesmerising wonder that enthrals everyone who visits, set amidst the alluring natural splendour of its surroundings. This hidden jewel, which is located in a far-off place, perfectly captures the beauty and strength of nature. The sound of the crystal-clear water crashing down the rocky cliffs reverberates through the lush vegetation. With its dazzling streams gracefully flowing and gleaming in the sunlight, the waterfall is simply breathtaking to see.

The Enchanting Beauty of Gumuskanat Waterfall

Gümüşkanat Waterfall, one of Turkey’s highest waterfalls with a height of roughly 60 metres, located close to the village of Gümüşkanat in the Mutki district of Bitlis. It is notable for its distinctive scenery.

The waterfall, which is 25 kilometres from the district centre and close to the village of Gümüşkanat, provides visitors with stunning views of the surrounding unspoiled countryside.

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According to official measurements, the Gümüşkanat Waterfall is believed to be the highest waterfall in Turkey. Unlike many other natural waterfalls, it doesn’t dry out in the summer and flows from a height of roughly 60 metres. Visitors at the Gümüşkanat Waterfall concurred that tourism should be pushed and developed for the waterfall. A drone was also used to capture images of the waterfall, which is renowned for its natural beauty.

One of the tourists who came to see the legendary Gumuskanat Waterfall, Tuna Bilgen, said:

“Today we visited Mutki’s Gümüşkanat Waterfall. It is a 60-meter-high natural wonderland where water flows. We were quite interested because we could see it in the pictures and movies. Now that we have actually witnessed it. Very cool location – one of Turkey’s tallest waterfalls. We advise everyone to watch it.

We arrived at the Gümüşkanat Waterfall, said Hilmi Koç, a tourist from Ahlat who travelled to the waterfall from the Ahlat district. Very good location with lovely views. I advise everyone to visit this place.

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