Spring Beautified Sarigol Manisa, Turkey

The fruit trees and vineyards in Manisa’s Sarigol area started to leaf, and there were plenty of daisies in the fields. Due to the vineyards’ early arousal in Sargöl, where all the hues of spring are in full bloom, grape farmers in particular are having to endure an uncomfortable wait. Almond and fruit trees bloomed along with the world-famous seedless sultaniye vines as soon as the final cemre in Sarigol fell to the ground.

Spring Beautified Sarigol Manisa, Turkey

In the region where the fields were covered in daisies throughout the spring, distinctively lovely sceneries developed. The fruit trees flowered with white and red blossoms, serving as a site for bees to collect pollen as the daisies along the road welcomed the arrival of spring.

Although early leafing in the renowned seedless sultaniye vineyards is caused by air temperatures above seasonal averages, this condition has started to worry farmers.

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Best of Sarigol Manisa

Although the early awakening of fruit trees and vineyards makes producers uneasy and can result in yield losses if March is cold, they acknowledge that the environment is made beautiful by the blossoming trees with the arrival of spring and the water trickling to the trunks of fruits and other products. Ahmet Tosun, a grape grower, stated:

“Daisies bloomed because air temperatures were 10 to 12 degrees higher than usual for the season. Daisy blossoming is another sign that spring has arrived. Our ties will also be formed soon. Eyes started to bulge in them early on as well. The fact that it opens early worries us. March can be dangerous since it can turn very chilly. I wish everyone well and that 2023 will be a fruitful year for all of our farmers. I sincerely hope that everyone’s efforts will not be in vain.”

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