Mersin Erdemli will Contribute to Tourism this Year

In recent years, “bungalows” and “glampings,” which are now popular with travellers seeking a vacation entwined with nature, have been adopted in Mersin Erdemli. The project, which is nearly finished and will boost tourism this year, is predicted to become a favourite among people seeking a vacation close to nature.

The project, which welcomes thousands of visitors each year and is implemented in Mersin Erdemli Talat Göktepe Natural Park, where the beauty of the Taurus Mountains with their pine forests and greenery on one side and the blue Mediterranean Sea with its immense beauty on the other meet, will promote tourism.

The Erdemli Municipality’s bungalow and glamping project, which was carried out with the assistance of Mersin University and a grant from the Ukurova Development Agency, is anticipated to become a hit with fans of alternative travel.

Mersin Erdemli will Contribute to Tourism this Year

250 people can reportedly stay simultaneously in bungalow homes and glamping tents, where all living quarters are situated in the luxury concept in the outdoors. It was mentioned that the Erdemli “amlk” water sports facility, a favourite of tent and caravan travellers, will open during the busy travel season.

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The mayor of Erdemli, Mükerrem Tollu, said that the city is working to adopt new tourism trends and that a project that values the environment has been launched at the intersection of the colours blue and green. Mayor Tollu stated, “Our Erdemli ‘amli’ have beauty in tourism that bring a different value to our Erdemli and provide a different understanding. These beauties include the cleanliness of our Erdemlimiz Sea, the safety of the area, the intertwining of blue and green, and really Erdemli ‘amli’. By adorning these beauty with our glamping and cottages, we redefine tourism.

Our municipality has already spent almost 9 million TL on this. For our inhabitants to enjoy their vacations in this area the finest and most ideal way, we have given this beauty to Mersin Erdemli. Our Erdemli is now reaching an even better and more perfect position in the tourism industry. Therefore, it is a truth that this will significantly impact our Erdemli’s social and economic well-being.

“We give Mersin Erdemli tourism a new voice, new breath, new harmony, and a new understanding along with bungalows and glamping. We are anticipating the arrival of all of our people who want to vacation in Amlak and spend their time in this wonderful area where blue and green coexist.”

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