Visitors Turned their Route to Cappadocia Turkey

Cappadocia Turkey, a region of swirling volcanic-rock landscapes that resemble the work of naughty elves, is a must-see destination for tourists travelling to Turkey. In actuality, though, the granite is being gently whittled away by wind and water. The Cappadocian villages, carved out of the hillsides, the Byzantine-era rock-cut churches with brilliant paintings, and the maze-like underground cities where early Christians once fled from attackers are the main tourist attractions.

Cappadocia Turkey

Every day, new areas are being affected by global warming. Ski resorts in Turkey and throughout the world were in a difficult situation when the anticipated snowfall did not materialise despite entering the winter season, and tourists diverted to Cappadocia. Parents and students who had planned vacations to ski resorts had to rethink their plans as schools began their semester break.

Turkish Night Show in Cappadocia

Holidaymakers flocked to the Cappadocia region rather than ski centres when the requisite level of snow could not be reached in the ski centres.

The Cappadocia region, which experienced a certain level of occupancy due to the half-year holiday, saw its occupancy rate increase to almost 50% with the arrival of ski vacationers. Serkan ipal travelled to Cappadocia on vacation from Adana as a present for his kids’ report cards; “The Cappadocia region is somewhere I’ve been before. The youngsters were quite inquisitive. We arrived as a present for good grades.” As a holiday gift for her report card, Tuana Ipal travelled to Cappadocia. She said: “I had never before visited Cappadocia. I’ve never done this before.”

One of the families who abandoned their ski vacations and travelled to Cappadocia is the Yüksel family, who claimed to have travelled from Burdur to the Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center for a vacation. Burak Kaan Yüksel claimed to have travelled to Cappadocia with his family as a reward for good grades; “Fairy tale city is the name of this location. It truly is a storybook setting.” During the semester break, according to mother Esra Yüksel, the family went on vacation to Cappadocia and the Erciyes Ski Center. According to Father Murat Yüksel’s statement:

“Both the ski resort and Cappadocia were on the children’s bucket list. They travelled to both locations in this manner. But at Erciyes, we couldn’t get the profit we wanted. Snow had been sprayed,”

Among the young people who changed their vacation plans to visit Cappadocia Turkey because there wasn’t any snow at the ski resorts were Ali Yaşar Yiit and Emirhan Ünal, who travelled there from Kayseri and Nide, respectively.

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