Tourists in Abundance Gathered at the Erciyes

On the north-to-east side of the mountain of the same name, the ski resort at Mt. Erciyes is situated. It is a volcanic mountain that is 3917 metres high and offers stunning views in all directions. Located at a height of about 2100 metres, the ski resort is only 40 minutes from Kayseri International Airport. On a trip to nearby Cappadocia, which is only an hour from Kayseri, you may try out “cultural skiing.” There are 150km of slopes at various levels on Mount Erciyes, as well as limitless off-pistes. Additionally, it has the ideal surface and weather for snow-kiting.

Tourists in Abundance Gathered at the Erciyes

The slopes were crowded with skiers as the snowfall that began in Erciyes yesterday night took impact. One of Turkey’s major ski resorts, Erciyes, displayed the effects of a snowstorm that began at night.

Thousands of skiers took advantage of the opportunity presented by the heavy snowfall, which caused the snow to accumulate to a height of 60 cm in Erciyes. Long lines formed at the cable cars as thousands of domestic and international visitors arrived to Erciyes to ski with their families.

Mt Erciyes location

I’m from Izmir, said Demet zel, who travelled to Erciyes for the semester vacation. Here, my family resides. I travelled to Kayseri to take a rest. I was familiar with Erciyes. I had also done some skiing. When I first arrived, there wasn’t much snow, so today makes me quite pleased. Nice day with lots of people and entertainment. On Monday, I arrived at the mountain. There wasn’t much snow at all.

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So, I’m glad. My early years were spent in Kayseri. We were unaware of the value of the mountain at the time. I wish we had taken ski lessons. Everyone should pick up skiing, in my opinion.

Tourists in Abundance Gathered at the Erciyes (2)

Murat Kartal, a ski instructor from Ankara who travelled to Kayseri, said:

“I’m sorry I didn’t start skiing till now. I advise everyone to go skiing. Skiing is a wonderful activity, and Erciyes is a wonderful place to do it. The track, the snow, and the weather are all really wonderful, and I think Erciyes is very attractive overall. I advise anyone who doesn’t ski to do so. Let those who have yet to begin do so immediately. I haven’t yet slipped elsewhere. Here, I’m ice skating for the first time. In Erciyes, I’ll begin skiing lessons.”

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