Visitors Adored Boztepe Observation Terrace

The Ortahisar Municipality unveiled the Boztepe Observation Terrace and Walking Platform on April 23, and the public showed a lot of interest in it. Citizens have the chance to enjoy the distinctive view of Trabzon day and night on the Observation Terrace and Walking Path, which has been in high demand by the people of Trabzon from the day it opened and where interest is growing daily.

Visitors Adored Boztepe Observation Terrace

Old people, young people, and children of all ages have the chance to take their families to view Trabzon’s city centre near to the natural wonders of Boztepe. Citizens who watch the sunset from Boztepe express their admiration for the endless view they experience, particularly in the evening hours. Visitors who snapped selfies and memento images on the Observation Terrace and Walking Path that traversed Trabzon acknowledged their satisfaction with the project’s implementation of the walking platform and the enhancement of Boztepe’s beauty.

In the evening, visitors congregated in the garden of the café area on the Observation Terrace enjoy a shady chat while sipping their beverages and taking in the nighttime view of Trabzon. Despite only being open for a week, the observation terrace and promenade, which extends for about 100 metres from the Kzlar Monastery to the east and has all surfaces made of wood with the exception of one glass and one wooden terrace, has quickly become one of the most well-liked locations in the city.

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The project, which covered an area of around 5,000 square metres, was carried out as a wooden platform on steel legs that was raised at least 20 to 30 centimetres off the ground in order to allow for excavation and filling. Construction of service buildings buried in the ground took place in the project, which required the usage of about 110 tonnes of steel.

Boztepe observation terrace

There are two cafeterias, one wooden patio, and one glass-covered terrace at the Boztepe Observation patio, which amazes with its singular view. The locations with the best viewing areas had 2 wooden city balconies constructed there. A nice environment for the citizen has been created from the camellias, swings, wooden-upholstered seating spots, and green areas on the balcony. In anticipation of the start of the tourist season, Boztepe Observation Terrace and Walking Path will attract both domestic and foreign visitors.

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