Captivating Views of the Lavender Fields in Turkey

Lavender fields in Turkey have become well-liked tourist spots in recent years. Lavender fields in particular attract the attention of seasoned photographers. Many natural products made from the flowers found in lavender fields are available for purchase, including lavender water, tea, and oil.

Lavender Fields in Turkey: Location

Lavender Fields in Turkey A Fragrant Journey into Beauty

Turkish land only contains lavender fields, more specifically in the villages of Kuyucak, Kuşcular, and ukurören, as well as in the Isparta Keçiborlu area. These regions’ sloping, dry, and non-irrigated lands are ideal for the lavender plant to flourish.

Lavender is a popular plant in the area, especially in June when it first begins to bloom. Within 45 to 50 days, lavender plants begin to bloom.

When in bloom, lavender fields have a stunning, almost painted purple appearance. This visual feast, which occurs while lavender plants are blooming, attracts a lot of interest, especially from travellers who are proficient photographers. August marks the beginning of the lavender harvest. On the other hand, the oil is then drawn out of the lavenders that have been gathered. We harvest lavender. Some lavender varieties also allow the seed to dry.

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Lavender Gardens: Location

The lavender gardens offer stunning views, especially for photographers. It is best to see lavender in its enchanted state, which has a purple colour before harvest, at the end of July because of this. August 1 marks the beginning of the lavender harvest.

These enchanting lavender fields are especially appealing to professional photographers. But it is best appreciated by individuals who enjoy nature and flowers. As a result, many people turn to their web browsers to get answers to inquiries like “where are lavender gardens?” and “how do I get there?”

Lavender gardens are created in some villages within the borders of Isparta province. Some of the first among these villages are:

  • Kuyucak Village
  • Çukurören Village
  • Kuşçular Village

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