Alternative Tourism in Orhaneli: A Different Bursa Experience

In Orhaneli, the area of Bursa that stands out for its natural beauty, interest in alternative tourism in Orhaneli is rising. With its bungalow homes, camping places, and Sada Canyon’s natural surroundings, the area—which has one of the longest rafting trails—welcomes more outdoor enthusiasts than its inhabitants.

Alternative Attractions in Orhaneli A Different Bursa Experience

Orhaneli Municipality, which has established a reputation in relation to Bursa’s history, culture, agricultural investments, and mining investments, particularly the natural beauty, has launched 15 bungalow houses where it has finished the first stage. The Orhaneli Women’s Initiative Production and Management Cooperative’s pancakes likewise garnered a perfect score from the diners. After relaxing on the Kocasu Creek rafting track and taking in some nature at Sada Canyon, the tourists who had stayed in the bungalows set aside for them were able to do so.

In his brief statement at the conclusion of the programme, Orhaneli Mayor Ali Aykurt said,

“During our 4.5 years as mayor, we started out and are going with the slogan of the city of nature and natural people. In terms of tourism, one of our key services, we have exposed our district to attack. Our district is also home to significant agricultural, zoological, and mining projects.”

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Spotlighting alternative tourism in Orhaneli, Aykurt stated,

“There have been advancements in the tourism industry, such as rafting, bungalow homes, and camping-caravan festivals. Only in rafting, 3000 people visited our district over the course of 21 years. These tourists were beneficial to us in the district, where there are roughly 18 000 700 residents. Additionally, the activities associated with camping and travelling in caravans, which have a very high trend, are performed well and are continuously improving. On September 8–10, 2018, we will host the third Camping – Caravan Festival event. With this camping caravan event, we will continue to promote our city.”

Aykurt stated that enduro motorcycle fans, off-road trail users, and hiking enthusiasts are all in need of new routes.

“The usage of nature will be at a decent level with these. Considering that tourism is little on its own, we work to generate high value-added goods for the farmers in our region. We are figuring out what the tourism productions will be.”

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