Salt Lake: Where Nature’s Beauty Meets Urban Splendor

The provinces of Ankara, Konya, and Aksaray cross at Salt Lake, which is where they all meet. In general, Aksaray is closer to Salt Lake. By driving, the distance to Aksaray is nearly an hour. By automobile, it takes about two hours to get there from Ankara.

Salt Lake Where Nature's Beauty Meets Urban Splendor

The Central Anatolia Region is now home to Tuz Gölü, Turkey’s third-largest lake. One of the most sought-after lakes, Salt Lake, is located not far from the ereflikoçhisar district of Ankara’s borders. The Cihanbeyli neighbourhood on the Ankara–Konya route is home to the lake’s opposite coast.

Within the boundaries of the Central Anatolia Region of our country is Salt Lake. It is closer to the Mediterranean Region and the Aegean Region in terms of location.

Formation of Salt Lake

In general, tectonic movements in our country helped to shape the region where the lake is located. This basin, which is hidden between the plateaus, has faults all over its east, west, and south sides. It receives water from the Pecheneg, Melendiz, Karasu, Krkdelik, and nsuyu streams in addition to rainfall.

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Features of Salt Lake

One of today’s most significant lakes is this Lake. It is actually the most significant lake because it is the second saltiest lake in the world. The lake is a totally enclosed basin with no outflow. It is a lake that also gets the least amount of rain in Turkey. It meets the requirements for a class A wetland under international standards.

How to get to Salt Lake?

The distance from Ankara to the lake for travellers is 149 kilometres. They would have travelled far. You can rent a car from the Ankara Esenboa Airport or immediately from the city’s centre using a car rental company or a private vehicle. By taking the Ankara Konya state road to the ereflikoçhisar district and then following the indications, it is feasible to travel from here to the shore of this Lake.

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