Nemrut Caldera frozen by the effect of cold weather

Lake Nemrut

One of the most significant wetlands in Bitlis province and a section of an active stratovolcano with a distinctive structural morphology in Turkey is the caldera of the Nemrut volcano, which is situated on the western coast of Lake Van in Eastern Anatolia. Pyroclasts from lava domes, flows, and explosion craters resembling maar cover the caldera’s eastern side.

A freshwater lake, a small lake with hot springs, and a variety of little temporal lakes all fill the western half. The largest lake, Lake Nemrut, has a half-moon form, a depth of 100 metres on average, and water that is drinkable, colourless, and odourless.

At a height of 2,948 metres above sea level in the Bitlis district of Tatvan, postcard-like photos of frozen lakes at the Nemrut Caldera’s top emerged.

Nemrut Caldera frozen by the effect of cold weather

The Nemrut Caldera, which has won the excellence award and welcomes thousands of domestic and international visitors each year, has experienced days of chilly weather. The majority of the surface of Ilgöl, whose water temperature reaches 40 degrees even in winter, is now covered with ice as a result of the cold weather, in contrast to Kalp Lake, one of the beautiful lakes of Nemrut Caldera, one of the tourist destinations of Tatvan district with natural beauties and resembling a heart in appearance.

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An ice mass about 10 centimetres thick formed on the surface of the lakes in the area where the air temperature dropped to 15 degrees below zero, and the view the clouds generated by reflecting on the ice was interesting. The resultant lovely scene was seen from the air.

Hakan Okay remarked, “We took the opportunity of today with friends and arrived to the summit of Nemrut Crater Mountain. We got to the top of Mount Nemrut to see the majesty of the frozen Heart Lake. Here once stood a frozen lake.

Lake Nemrut

We came to see Heart Lake’s breathtaking beauty. It has a truly stunning appearance. Its entire surface is frozen. A location that we actually enter and swim in during the summer is currently frozen, which is a fantastic joy. We are skiing and walking on it.

According to Mücahit Tarban, they snapped images on the frozen lake:

“With friends, we travelled here to see the lake, skate on it, and take pictures. We had a great time here on this particular occasion, and we want to come again soon.”

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