Zigana Gumuşkayak Ski Center Draws Crowds for the Half-Year Break

Zigana Gumuskayak Ski Center Draws Crowds for the Half-Year Break

The Zigana Gumuskayak Ski Center, renowned for its captivating scenery and natural splendor in Gümüşhane, welcomed 43 thousand visitors during the half-year holiday period.

Zigana Gumuskayak Ski Center Draws Crowds for the Half-Year Break

Situated atop Zigana Mountain at an elevation of 2,100 meters within the Torul district, this ski center occupies a historic crossroads that has facilitated caravan routes for millennia. Despite its challenging passage from ancient times to the present day, the ski center was nearly at full capacity during the two-week half-year holiday.

During the ski season opening coinciding with the school holidays, children were among the primary beneficiaries of the facility, which stands as one of Turkey’s pioneering ski resorts. As snowfall increased, drawing visitors to the slopes, Arab tourists also flocked to the region, contributing to the bustling atmosphere throughout the season.

Aside from skiing, sledding, and snowmobile tours, the facility offers a comprehensive range of services to its guests, including a restaurant, cafeteria, and ski room, all set against the breathtaking backdrop of Zigana.

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Of the 15 thousand visitors, a significant portion comprised Arab tourists, drawn to the authentic environment and stunning views. Among them was Little Sena Fener, who traveled from Rize with her family for the report card holiday. Reflecting on her experience, she remarked,

“Zigana is a very beautiful place. I played snowballs, skied. I would like to come again.”

Another young visitor, Serra Bal, echoed Sena’s sentiments, expressing,

“I had a very nice day here. My cousins and I went sledding and played snowballs. I had a lot of fun and loved this place. The view is also beautiful, it was worth the visit. I invite my friends here.”

Zigana Gümüşyaka is a charming village located in the Zigana Mountains of Turkey. Here’s some information about it in English:

Zigana Gümüşyaka is situated in the Gümüşhane Province of northern Turkey, nestled within the picturesque Zigana Mountains. This mountainous region is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, lush forests, and alpine landscapes, making it a popular destination for nature lovers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The village of Zigana Gümüşyaka offers visitors a tranquil retreat amidst the scenic splendor of the mountains. It is characterized by its traditional architecture, with stone houses and narrow cobblestone streets that exude a quaint and rustic charm.

One of the highlights of Zigana Gümüşyaka is its proximity to Mount Zigana, a prominent peak in the Pontic Mountains range. Mount Zigana is renowned for its breathtaking vistas, particularly during the winter months when it becomes a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding.

In addition to its natural attractions, Zigana Gümüşyaka also offers visitors the opportunity to experience authentic Turkish hospitality and cuisine. Local guesthouses and restaurants serve delicious homemade meals prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, providing a taste of traditional Turkish culinary delights.

For those seeking outdoor adventures, Zigana Gümüşyaka offers a range of recreational activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. The surrounding mountains are crisscrossed with scenic trails that lead to hidden waterfalls, pristine lakes, and panoramic viewpoints, offering endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Overall, Zigana Gümüşyaka is a hidden gem in Turkey’s mountainous landscape, offering visitors a tranquil retreat surrounded by nature’s splendor and opportunities for outdoor adventure. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, outdoor recreation, or cultural immersion, this charming village has something to offer for everyone.

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