Skiing in Sarikamis: Embracing the Beauty of Scotch Pine Trees

In Sarıkamış, Skiing in Sarikamis enthusiasts revel in the abundant snow, with depths reaching up to 180 centimeters along the slopes. Amidst the breathtaking landscape of Scotch pine trees, skiers delight in gliding gracefully across the pristine, crystal-white snow.

Skiing in Sarikamis Embracing the Beauty of Scotch Pine Trees-min

The bustling atmosphere at the Sarıkamış Ski Center, attracting hundreds of visitors, brings satisfaction to tourism industry experts, reflecting the region’s appeal as a premier winter destination. Skiing in Sarıkamış enthusiasts, seizing the opportunity of the weekend, indulged in boundless skiing pleasures at the pinnacle of Sarıkamış Ski Center, situated at an altitude of 2,634 meters.

Renowned as one of the safest ski resorts globally, boasting crystal-clear snow, enchanting Scotch pine forests, and extensive ski trails with a snow depth of 180 centimeters, it stands devoid of any avalanche hazards.

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Ali Turna, hailing from Bursa, expressed his awe, stating, “Having explored ski destinations in Bursa and beyond, Sarıkamış captivates with its unparalleled scenery, natural splendor, and the cultural allure of Kars. We eagerly await those yet to discover the wonders of Skiing in Sarikamis.”

Governor Ziya Polat, who savored a skiing weekend in Sarıkamış, emphasized the privilege of Skiing in Sarıkamış in this idyllic locale. “The cornerstone of our tourism endeavors lies in ski tourism in Sarıkamış,” he remarked. “Thankfully, abundant snowfall this year ensures optimal conditions, with no hindrances in our operations. We aim to prolong the season as far as feasible, potentially extending it until the end of March. Witnessing the joy among our residents and hoteliers, we share in their delight.”

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