Tarakli’s Natural Pool: A Refreshing Oasis

Tarakli's Natural Pool A Refreshing Oasis

The cave’s natural pool in Sakarya’s Tarakl area mesmerises with its beauty. It is waiting for you to uncover the special beauty that intrigues itself and has a depth that is a mystery.

With its beauty, the naturally formed pool on the cave in Mahdumlar Neighbourhood, about 10 kilometres from the district centre, draws attention. The water from the Karagöl Plateau that has accumulated on the cave has a brilliant colour.

Tarakli's Natural Pool A Refreshing Oasis

It is up to you to find the natural pool, whose depth is still unknown. The natural pool, which the locals refer to as a “hidden paradise,” welcomes nature enthusiasts with its distinct and unspoiled nature.

Mehmet Pilavc, a resident of the area, claimed that, these days, when the air temperature reaches its peak levels, the water’s temperature doesn’t get above 12 and a half degrees.

“Water from the Karagöl Plateau flows into this cave. This sustains us and serves as a peaceful haven. Under the stone we can see is a cave, and in 1967 you could descend there to reach the water. After that, it made a dent and closed. This location is truly worthwhile to visit. The Marmara Region is a tourist haven that you can view all at once from a single point. A secret haven. Our water’s temperature never rises above 12.5 degrees, even when it’s quite hot.”

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Pilavc added:

“This tradition continues because sacrifices were made in 1942 for the water that was cut for the first time in seven years. The location is a must-see for nature lovers. This water’s discharge animates the valley downward. The waters that create this pool originate from the Karagöl Plateau above. Tourists visiting our neighbourhood must unquestionably visit Tarakl.”

“However, the majority of people are unaware of it at the present because there aren’t any warning indications. The distance between the district centre and this hidden paradise is ten kilometres. This water also has a backstory; in 1942, when the water was first turned off, people asked a teacher what to do. Seven victims are certain, according to that teacher. The seventh victim’s blood makes this water reappear. Later, as a result of this tale, we continually make sacrifices for this water.”

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