Balikligol: Turkey’s Sacred Fish Pool and its Mystical Charm

In the Eyyübiye district of the province of Anlurfa, to the southwest, is Balkl Lake. The Balkl lake, which draws thousands of local and international visitors each year, is also very accessible. Anlurfa is located 1263 kilometres from Istanbul, 820 km from Ankara, and 1251 km from Izmir if you want to get to this area by car. Balkl Lake is also easily accessible by bus, train and aeroplane. Balkl Lake is easily accessible by automobile from anywhere in Anlurfa.

Balikligol Location

Balikligol Turkey's Sacred Fish Pool and its Mystical Charm

The Eyyübiye area of Anlurfa is home to Balkl Lake. This lake’s fabled history and stunning appearance awe everyone who sees it. Everyone who practises Islam maintains a very special spot for the lake with the fish. In terms of our history and faith, this lake has a different place. The lake’s fish are protected with great care and cannot be hunted since they are regarded as sacred. Balkl Göl is undoubtedly one of the locations that everyone ought to go to and see.

The Beauty of the Place

According to popular belief, the prophet Abraham and the Prophet Abraham’s encounter, in which the Prophet Abraham defended the brutality of the prophets who adhered to the three major religions at the time of Abraham, is what caused the lake to appear. All tourists and everyone who believes are profoundly affected by the lake’s mystifying history.

Things to do in Balikligol

Because of this moving tale, a lot of people are interested in the lake that, when Prophet Abraham was thrown into the flames, is said to have turned fire into water and wood into fish. The inhabitants of this lake consider the fish there to be sacred. Fish are thus not hunted and are instead protected. Balkl Lake, one of Turkey’s natural wonders, contributes significantly to the nation’s economy by drawing both domestic and international travellers each year.

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Lake Balkl The cave where Abraham was born is likewise located on the plateau surrounding Balkl Lake. As the presumed ancestor of the three Abrahamic religions, this cave attracts lots of tourists. City after city from all over the world travel there to visit. The mausoleum of the era’s foremost religious thinker, Beddiüzaman Said Nursi, is also nearby the cave where Ibrahim was born.

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