Pamukkale Municipality Seyir Tepesi City Forest

Municipality of Pamukkale Seyir Tepesi City Forest, which Pamukkale Municipality introduced to Denizli, has become a popular spot for locals seeking relief from the heat with its cool air.

The citizens of Denizli, who are overwhelmed by the intense heat, and the visitors to the city take a breath in the Pamukkale Municipality Seyir Tepesi City Forest to relax and cool off because the air temperatures across the nation are higher than the seasonal averages. Seyir Tepesi, which the Pamukkale Municipality revived, has emerged as a brand-new tourist hotspot.

Pamukkale Municipality Seyir Tepesi City Forest

It has established itself as a favourite spot for locals in Denizli as well as domestic and international visitors to the city because to its expansive atmosphere and city perspective. Seyir Tepesi, home to cruising swings, zipline towers, mountain sledding, adventure trails, play groups themed after cartoon characters, elale Park, Turan Road, Silent Garden, cafes, camping and picnic areas, and Seyr-et Restaurant, has become a favourite among those seeking a cool alternative to the sea, sand, and sun trio.

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Seyir Tepesi is Turkey’s largest thematic urban forest, according to Pamukkale Mayor Avni rki, who also said that Pamukkale is one of the most significant tourist destinations in the world. As the Pamukkale Municipality, we are developing brand-new initiatives to promote Pamukkale not only for its white water or red water, but also for a variety of other options, and we are taking all necessary steps to reach every demographic.

One of these initiatives is Seyir Tepesi. Tens of thousands of domestic and international visitors still favour Kocaçukur and Pamukkale Municipality Seyir Tepesi City Forest, Turkey’s largest themed urban forest, over travertines. Along with offering a beautiful view, Seyir Tepe also invites visitors of all ages with its zipline, mountain sledge, adventure track and playgrounds for kids. We can have our tea in our cafeterias while admiring Denizli’s gorgeous scenery, and we can dine in Seyr-Et restaurant’s magnificent cuisine.

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