Legends and Legacy: Discovering the Ancient City of Myra

Acropolis Antalya

One significant ancient city is Myra. It is situated in Antalya’s Demre neighborhood. The place of the supreme mother goddess is what the name Myra implies.

Because Saint Nicholas was the bishop of Myra, the city’s renown endured throughout the Middle Ages, and it is best known for the church dedicated to him.

Everything you need to know about the ancient city of Myra before going, including its history, activities, location, excursions, and accessibility, is included in this page.

Things to Do in Myra

Many believers revere this church, which is credited to Santa Claus. You can see the stunning rock-cut tombs and theater once you’ve visited this cathedral.


Acropolis Antalya

Situated somewhat above the rock tombs and theater, the acropolis has yielded no noteworthy remnants. Originally built on the hilltop above the locations of the rock tombs, the city grew downward to become one of the six most significant Lycian cities. In the second century AD, Myra saw significant growth, and a large number of buildings were constructed thanks to donations from affluent individuals.

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Rock Tombs

Rock Tombs antalya

In Myra, there are two locations of Lycian necropolis, or rock tombs, carved into the sheer cliff faces. The graves were frequently carved to resemble the pillared façade of temples. The fact that the rock tombs resemble tiny houses and are covered in an abundance of reliefs is amazing. The most well-known is the “Lion Tomb”.


Built in the Roman era, the theater in Myra is among the best preserved in the Lycian Region. It can accommodate about eleven thousand people. The two-story stage building still stands, for the most part. After the 141 earthquake devastated it, a prosperous trader from Rhadiapolis by the name of Opramoas restored it.

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