Winter Serenity at Girlevik Waterfall: A Visitor’s Retreat

The snow that fell last weekend made Girlevik Waterfall in the Çağlayan town of Erzincan look like a wedding gown. With the snow, the waterfall, which was crowded with summer visitors and residents alike, assumed a new beauty.

Winter Serenity at Girlevik Waterfall A Visitor's Retreat

Girlevik Waterfall, a notable example of natural beauty in Erzincan, produced picture-perfect scenes following winter.

Listed as a “Natural Site-Qualified Natural Conservation Area” on October 21, 2020, Girlevik Waterfall, one of the sites under the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization’s General Directorate of Natural Assets Protection, is one of the places that draws tourists. Located 35 kilometers from the city center in Kalecik hamlet, Girlevik Waterfall is a sight to see year-round, thanks to the fusion of nine spring streams.

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The waterfall, which was nearly transformed into a wedding gown by the snowstorm last Sunday, also produced icicles as a result of the nighttime air temperature falling to five degrees below zero. Beautiful pictures were produced by the waterfall, which draws tourists in with its cool summer air and verdant surroundings. In the winter, the waterfall offers a unique perspective that melds with snow and ice.One of the locals that went to the waterfall, Erkan Adem, said,

“This location boasts breathtaking scenery, especially the waterfall. There was a fantastic view with the snow falling. I urge everyone to witness this magnificence; the waterfall provides a visual feast, so come take in this one-of-a-kind panorama that is equally stunning in the summer and the winter.”

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