Cappadocia’s Beloved: Ihlara Valley Vibrant New Year Celebration

There are a lot of tourists at the Ihlara Valley in Cappadocia, one of the top ten tourist destinations in Turkey. Before New Year’s Eve, every hotel in the area was booked, despite the fact that both domestic and foreign visitors took advantage of the lovely weather, particularly in the valley.

Cappadocia's Beloved Ihlara Valley's Vibrant New Year Celebration

The Ihlara Valley in the Aksaray district of Güzelyurt is the starting point of the Cappadocia region, which is one of the top ten most visited locations in Turkey. Because of this, Ihlara Valley is visited by both domestic and foreign visitors, particularly those who travel to Cappadocia.

People stroll and enjoy the scenery in the valley, which draws attention with its churches, foliage, and rock carvings throughout the year. In 2023, 650 thousand people visited the valley.

Refik Tokmak, the tour leader, remarked,

“New Year’s Eve has brought a lot of energy into our lives. Russians, French, Italian, and Spanish speakers from all around our nation began to arrive, as did some of my group. We have never experienced such weather during this season before. Naturally, the weather varies from year to year.

We would enter the cold on New Year’s Eve, when Ihlara Valley would be covered with snow. There is sunshine and a temperature of 11 to 12 degrees. In the Cappadocia region, every hotel is booked up. In our area, New Year’s Eve is lively and packed.”

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Gökhan Dinç, another tour guide, remarked,

“New Year’s Eve has resulted in a surge in our number of guests. Ihlara Valley intrigues our guests much. since volcanic formation resulted in the development of this site. Our guests are captivated by the sight of snowfall on Hasan Mountain’s slopes as they make their way here.

Mostly, they like to relax after taking a stroll along the Melendiz Stream. This year’s motive for preference has increased because of the sunny weather. In our area, balloon flights take place right before dawn. Then, following a little hotel break, our trip of Ihlara starts. We return to the hotel at the end of the day to enjoy Turkish nights and Turkish baths. Our visitors stay with us for the entire day in our area.”

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