Adrasan: Where Nature Meets Relaxation on Turkey’s Coast

Adrasan: Turkey’s country borders are an absolute wonderland. Everyone can see the beauty of this paradise homeland since it is bordered by seas on three sides, is in the middle of the belt, experiences four separate seasons, and has diverse features on each side of the country. Particularly during the summer, a significant number of both local and foreign visitors stay along the southern shores of our nation.

Adrasan Where Nature Meets Relaxation on Turkey's Coast

Adrasan is one of the most significant areas in our nation’s south. Adrasan, which is attached to Antalya’s Kumluca neighbourhood, features a stunning coastline that would wow everyone who sees it. With its entwining with nature, it is a lovely region.

It is a location that has a long history. Ancient sites including Patar, Cirali, and Olympos, three significant ancient towns of the Mediterranean, are close by. The Adrasan shore, which is in a good location, is a great place for both vacationers and those who wish to explore the area. The region offers organised boat cruises to stunning bays. Due to these trips, individuals can view the distinctive bays by taking the tour of their choice.

How to Get to Adrasan?

To get to Adrasan, a variety of transportation options are available. You may go to the region by heading in the direction of Kemer-Kumluca from the wedding dress in the heart of Antalya.

By flying into Antalya’s airport, those who want to travel to Adrasan, which is 104 kilometres distant, can do so. There are flights to Antalya from many different parts of the globe. By using the minibuses heading to the Adrasan side, people can go from here to Kumluca first. Tram, havaş, or city buses from Antalya Airport to Antalya Bus Station. At intervals of thirty minutes the address is accessible via Kumluca.

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If you’re travelling by bus from Antalya to Adrasan, you can get there by taking the Kumluca minibuses from the district terminal and then travelling to the region from there. The distance from Kas to Adrasan is 109 km, and it takes around 2 hours to travel there by private automobile.

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