Tourism in Sogut: Where Ottoman Empire Kicks Off

Tourism in Sogut: Many tourists are excited to visit Sogut, the birthplace of Commander Ertugrul, and view the most important natural landmarks and archaeological monuments, following the remarkable popularity of the Ertugrul Series. Sogut, which translates to “willow tree” in English, is a district in Bilecik, which sits on a prominent ridge in the Marmara Sea region’s south-eastern corner.

Because of its historical landmarks, such as the Ertugrul Mausoleum, the great grandfather of Ottoman sultans, Sogut is a popular tourist destination. The tomb of Dursun, an Ottoman scholar who witnessed the creation of the Ottoman Empire, can be seen here.

Tourism in Sogut Where Ottoman Empire Kicks Off

Tourism in Sogut comprises roughly 23 villages, and some men and women dress in traditional outfits that resemble those seen in the Ertugrul Film. There are five primary areas in these villages:

  • Balaban
  • Cumhuriyet
  • Kayhan
  • Orta

The majority of Sogut residents work in agriculture, where vineyards, cherries, and fruits are commonly grown, and the soil and climate aid in the growth of such fruits and vegetables.

Tourism in Sogut

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Breeding sheep, goats, bees, livestock, poultry, and dairy cows, in addition to agricultural operations, is an important occupation for the residents of Sogut. The state encourages livestock farmers to work and provides them with resources to grow and develop pastures around the region. Sogut has a total size of 4,307 km2 and a population of about 225,381.

Where is Sogut Located?

Tourism in Sogut – Sogut is a district of Bilecik, which is situated in a prominent geographical location in Turkey’s northwestern region, near the Sea of Marmara. Sogut became a tourist destination due to its strategic location. It is in the western outskirts of Bursa, surrounded on the north by Kocaeli and Sakarya, on the east by Bolu, and on the south by Kutahya.

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