Sirince Village Tourism: Unveiling a Hidden Gem of the Aegean

When considering things to do in Izmir, Sirince Village—situated amid verdant hills and encircled by olive trees—is among the first places that spring to mind. Turkey’s original architectural history is still present in this village, which receives hundreds of tourists Read More

A Look at Beyoglu Culture Route Festival

Beyoglu Cultural Road is still on its journey toward becoming a global brand after beginning as a brand associated with Istanbul. A festival that is alive in all senses of the word in all cultural and artistic venues on the Read More

The Best Routes for Tourists during Eid Holidays

This year, you have the option of taking nine days off, with only two days off for the Eid al-Fitr vacation. This year’s Eid al-Fitr holiday will be 5-days long when combined with the weekend. Those who can incorporate the Read More

Tourism in Sogut: Where Ottoman Empire Kicks Off

Tourism in Sogut: Many tourists are excited to visit Sogut, the birthplace of Commander Ertugrul, and view the most important natural landmarks and archaeological monuments, following the remarkable popularity of the Ertugrul Series. Sogut, which translates to “willow tree” in Read More

Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival: A Cultural Manifestation

Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling began in Rumelia in the 14th century during the Ottoman Empire. With its lengthy history, Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival is one of the world’s oldest wrestling festivals. Oil wrestling is a style of wrestling in which wrestlers Read More

The Most Beautiful must-visit Mosques in Turkey

Turkey’s mosques are more than just places to pray; they’re also gorgeous tributes to Islamic art. These famous mosques in Turkey are as architecturally significant as they are attractive, from their intricate interiors to the massive grandeur of their exteriors. Read More

Turkish Folklore: Customs, Heroes, Music, and More

Turkish folklore studies began in the early twentieth century. In 1913, Ziya Gökalp wrote about folklore (“halkiyat”) in the periodical “Towards the People.” Later, Riza Tevfik Bölükbasi and Mehmet Fuat Köprülü published essays in several periodicals on the issue. Both Read More

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