The Best of Northern Turkey: What to Visit?

Northern Turkey has received a ray of sunshine, bringing natural beauty to all of its cities. This sentence can be used to describe the various tourist attractions in Turkey’s north, which include green hills, natural lakes, quiet forests, farms, waterfalls, and breathtaking parks and gardens, making it a popular destination for tourists who prefer to spend their nights away from the stress and bustle of cities.

The Best Tourist Destination in Northern Turkey

Exploring the best of Northern Turkey, we’re going to enlist the top tourist attractions you can find here. Let’s get started!


Tourists prefer Trabzon for its historical sites, mountains, and natural beauty, particularly Uzungol, one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. Uzungol combines the splendour of mountain greenery with the blueness of water to create a gorgeous nature painting. The lush hills of Rize are among the most popular tourist destinations, where visitors can relax in the arms of nature in one of the wooden cabins. They also flock to Buztepe, one of Rize’s highest peaks and a popular site for enjoying the cold breeze and views of the Black Sea in the summer, which is accessible by cable car.

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Artvin putting Autumn attracts Tourists Worldwide

Artvin, often known as the “hidden heaven,” is a popular tourist destination in north-eastern Turkey. It is noted for its lovely natural beauty, which provides tranquilly and peace of mind. Tourists flock to Artvin to see the waterfalls, Karagoler Lakes, national parks, woodlands, and lakes where boat trips are available. Artvin, one of the best spots in Northern Turkey, is notable for its plant diversity, which includes 2727 species, making it one of Turkey’s most plant-rich locations. Hatila Park, Borcka Karagol Lake, Hell Canyon, Altiparmak Park, Gunesli Waterfalls, and Tavsan Tepe Park are popular tourist attractions in Artvin.



Rize, Turkey’s green city, is situated on a ridge with views of the Black Sea. There is exquisite natural beauty everywhere; it is even known as the city of green gold, because to the large green spaces that cover all sections, particularly Camlihemsin, which has a long river running across the road connecting it to Ardesen. Rize is also known for its tea production.

Rize is a popular tourist location, including canyons, springs, huge open landscapes, lakes, and plains to explore. Rize’s weather is hot and humid in the summer, attracting a large number of visitors, while it is cold and rainy in the winter, with considerable precipitation.



Uzungol, located south of Trabzon, is a must-see for any traveller who adds it to his itinerary. Visitors gather there to walk and snap photos because of the outstanding natural beauty of the area, where the green of the mountains blends with the blue of the lake to create a charming vista, especially on foggy days. Tourists can stop for a drink at one of the many cafes scattered across the area, where they can relax and take in the scenery of Northern Turkey.

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