Sip and Savor: A Guide to Turkish Soups That Warm the Soul

In many parts of Turkey, soup is the most popular food served at lunch and dinner tables, as well as for breakfast. It is served as an appetizer during meals and is pronounced as “chorba” (çorba in Turkish). The soup variety in Turkish cuisine exceeds 300 varieties. Turkish soups are a common midday meal that can be served hot or cold, depending on the ingredients and recipe. Additionally, a soup can serve as a meal if it is served with an abundance of Turkish bread.

Sip and Savor A Guide to Turkish Soups That Warm the Soul

Turkish soups are produced in a variety of methods and are typically named for their major ingredient. The main component of Turkish soup is either sweet or sour yoghurt, but tripe, fish, lentils, wheat, maize flour, and milk are all often used natural components. In Turkish cuisine, the most popular and well-known soups are:

  • Tarhana soup
  • Mercimek (green or red lentils) soup
  • Ezo Gelin (bulgur and red lentils) soup
  • Yuvalama soup
  • Yayla soup
  • Ayran Asi (yoghurt) soup
  • Iskembe (tripe) soup
  • Karalahana (black cabbage) soup
  • Chicken soup with Vermicelli
  • Cream of tomato soup
  • Anchovy soup
  • Helle soup
  • Mackerel soup
  • Mantar (mushroom) soup with yoghurt
  • Mushroom and tomato soup
  • Bamya (okra) soup
  • Potato soup
  • Red bean soup
  • Thimble soup
  • Toyga soup
  • Rubbed noodle soup
  • Guli soup
  • Sour soup
  • String bean soup with yogurt
  • Eriste (home-made thin noodles) soup
  • Spinach soup
  • Sebze (vegetable) soup
  • Pastry soup
  • Farmer’s soup
  • Wedding soup
  • Asiran soup
  • Arabasi soup
  • Tandir (meat) soup

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Facts about Turkish Soups

  • Turkey’s population is a passionate soup eater, with each individual averaging 7.5 kg of soup per year.
  • Turkey has an amazing assortment of over 40 traditional soups, all of which have their roots in the many culinary traditions of the nation.
  • In contrast to certain countries’ seasonal preferences, Turkish people eat soup all year round. Regardless matter the weather, a startling 95% of people consistently consume soup.
  • Turkish hospitality places cultural significance on soup. It is customary to extend a bowl of soup as a sign of warmth and friendliness. In Turkey, soup is served at social occasions in an estimated 82% of cases.
  • Turkey’s various regions are proud of their distinctive soup delicacies. For instance, “Kara Lahana Çorbası” (Black Cabbage Soup) is a favorite in the Black Sea region, but “Ezogelin Çorbası” (Ezogelin Soup) is a mainstay in the southeast.
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