Simena, Antalya can only be Reached by Boat

Kaleköy is a great location with amazing landscapes, a serene atmosphere, and fascinating attractions. Kaleköy, a fantastical ancient city that can only be visited by boat from Kaş, Demre, or Üçaz, was formerly known as Simena.

Places to Visit in Simena

Simena was a tiny seaside settlement in Lycia that has existed since the fourth century. It is now known as Kaleköy, one of the few Turkish communities that can only be accessible by sea. Among the Simena ruins that have survived to the present day are a 300-seat theater, temples, and Lycian tombs. With a seating capacity of just 200, Simena’s Hellenistic theater is the smallest theater of any Lycian city.

Ancient City of Simena

The masonry stone homes in Kaleköy are harmonious with their surroundings since they are enclosed by walls. Kekova Island may be seen in all its glory from the Medieval Castle. To defend the locals from the pirates that lived on Kekova Island, this castle was constructed. A basilica building is one of the structures found beneath the drowned city. You can see the buried basilica with a cross-shaped relief in the center of its gate if you take a tour.

There are numerous Lycian rock graves with Lycian inscriptions on the coast and in the water. The old site is littered with tons-worth of sarcophagi, particularly on the slope to the left of the castle.

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Simena, Antalya can only be Reached by Boat

In the ancient city, there are homes, stone staircases, and pier remnants. Observing a sizable metropolis that has nearly submerged itself in the water is really interesting. Due to earthquakes, the towns close to the city’s historic harbor appear to have submerged under the water, turning the area into an island. Under one meter of water, numerous historic remains as well as the port pier are clearly visible.

How to Reach Simena

Only by sea can you reach Kaleköy (Simena). Leaving from Üçaz, you can take a boat cruise to Kaleköy. Additionally, motorboat cruises are available from Demre and Kaş.

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