Sedir Island: The Turquoise Paradise of the Aegean Sea

One of the most popular tourist sites in the Aegean region is Sedir Island. Interest is piqued in Mula’s Akyaka area by the ruins, natural wonders, and artifacts that are reminiscent of several local and international travelers. The ancient names Kedrae and Cedrae were also used to refer to the Sedir Island, which has been around since the sixth century BC.

Sedir Island The Turquoise Paradise of the Aegean Sea

The name of the island, originally known as Cedrae, derives from Cedrus, which is Latin for cedar tree and refers to the bushes, olives, pine, and cedar trees that surround this region. Greek and Helenic influences can be seen on Sedir Island, one of the major centers of Carianism among Anatolian natives. According to legend, the queen of the island, which joined the Attic Delos Union in 454 BC and was home to Cleopatra and the Roman commander Antonius, transported the island’s distinctive golden-colored sand to Egypt.

Actually, the island’s geomorphological rocks are to blame for this. The island has a beach that is not his wife in the world because of these sands, which are the product of the erosion of the rocks produced millennia ago. This island, which is protected by this land, is well-known for Cleopatra Beach in particular.

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Sedir Island Location

The Gulf of Gökova, which is situated on the borders of Mula, has the island, which boasts an astonishing attractiveness due to its natural beauty and ancient construction.

How to Get to Sedir Island?

One of the top tourist destinations in Turkey is Cedar Island, which is located near Mugla, 62 kilometers from Marmaris and 23 kilometers away. Regular boat cruises from the village of Aml in Marmaris can also take you to the island.

Sedir Island, one of Mula’s magnificent natural wonders, invites exploration with its sea of many shades of blue, ancient ruins dating back thousands of years, and natural beach!

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