Kartalkaya Ski Center Opens the Season with Winter Magic on Dec. 15

The snow thickness at Bolu’s Kartalkaya Ski Center, which welcomes hundreds of thousands of skiers each winter, has reached fifty cm. While 70 tracks totaling 25 kilometers in length are being prepared for the upcoming season in 5 hotels, The Western Black Sea Tourism Hoteliers Association President, Halit Ergül, declared,

“We are planning to open the season on December 15.”

At the ski resort at the top of the Koroglu mountains, one of Turkey’s major hubs for winter tourism, snow fell sooner this year than it did last. The ski resort’s slopes were blanketed in snow due to the heavy precipitation that fell in the city’s higher areas.

Kartalkaya Ski Center Opens the Season with Winter Magic on Dec. 15

In the ski area, which has 25 runs totaling five kilometers in length, 75 hotels continued to get ready for the upcoming season. The ski center in Kartalkaya, which can accommodate 2,500 beds, has snow up to 50 centimeters in thickness. On days when the weather is good, artificial snow machines are used to boost the snow thickness on the slopes.

The Kartalkaya ski resort is scheduled to open for the winter season on December 15, but hotel reservations are already being accepted. The Western Black Sea Tourism Hoteliers Association’s president, Halit Ergül, stated:

“This year, snow unexpectedly arrived in Kartalkaya early. Snowfall was predicted during the evening of New Year’s Eve. Before New Year’s Eve, we were waiting because the climate had changed.

The snowstorm that fell at the end of November this year gave us optimism. Kartalkaya Ski Center now has 50 cm of snow, and more snowfall is predicted in the next few days. Although we will adjust our plans based on the weather, the season is scheduled to begin on December 15. I believe that New Year’s Day skiing will be enjoyable. We have done all the necessary planning as hotels. We’ll beat last year’s record if we have a strong season. Additionally, reservations have begun.”

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