Kızkumu Beach Flooded with Visitors across the Country

Beeches in turkey

Kizkumu beach is at the top of the must-see locations list if you’re travelling in the direction of Marmaris. Kizkumu is located 2.5 kilometres after Turgut and 30 kilometres to the southwest of the Orhaniye district.

Kızkumu beach

For its exceptional natural creation, Orhaniye Bay is well-known. A tranquil sea and the lovely aroma of pine trees are waiting for you as you can see every shade of green. The 600-meter-long Kizkumu Beach, which gives the impression that you are strolling on the water, is the natural beauty that makes this charming village famous. Entering the water and walking through the midst of the ocean are both enjoyable experiences, but you cannot simply stand there and stare around bewildered.

Vacationers from home and abroad go to Marmaris’s famed beaches in the Mula tourist area. The popular Kzkumu beach, which is always crowded with tourists, is a popular destination for souvenir photography. In both the summer and the winter, Kzkumu Beach, which is 35 kilometres from Marmaris and is situated in the popular Orhaniye Neighborhood, is overrun with tourists.

Beeches in turkey

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First-time walkers on the 600-meter-long, 3.5-meter-wide sandy path are taken aback by how like it is to walking on the sea due to the sea’s natural forms in the bay. Tourists who are enthralled by the sensation of walking on the water continue to do so as they grow accustomed to it. Selfies are taken by some of the tourists, some of whom claimed that this was their first interaction with something such.

A banker named Asuman Ulusoy who had travelled from Bursa stated:

“I walked in the middle of the sea for the first time, it was very exciting and beautiful. Marmaris and its surroundings are very beautiful, and I even started to think about whether I should want my appointment here.”

Kızkumu Beach Flooded with Visitors across Turkey

Öykü Ulusoy, a tourist from Germany who travelled with her family, snapped memento shots and noted:

“We are in Kızkum and we liked it very much. It is a great feeling to walk on the sea, to walk to the middle of the sea. We’ve never done anything like this before, I’m glad we came.”

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