Nemrut Crater Lake Hosts International Tourists

Nemrut Crater Lake is an alternative tourist destination that draws thousands of local and foreign visitors while maintaining the appearance that it is unspoiled. It is situated in Bitlis’s Tatvan region.

Nemrut Crater Lake Hosts International Tourists (2)

Five crater lakes currently adorn Mount Nemrut’s terrain as a result of the volcano’s eruptions. The typical depth of Nemrut Crater Lake is 100 metres, and the area around the lake can get as high as 4 metres. The crater is conical in shape, with a top diameter of 46 kilometres (29 miles) and a bottom diameter of 36 kilometres. The lake, which is almost 13 kilometres in length and sits at an elevation of 2,800 metres, is actually made up of five smaller lakes, each of which is exceptionally hot and cold, with ice caves, steam chimneys, many bird species, and a stunning environment.

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Nemrut Crater Lake Hosts International Tourists

In the Tatvan neighbourhood of Bitlis, Nemrut Crater Lake, the second-biggest crater lake in the world and the largest crater lake in Turkey, dazzles with its unmatched natural beauty. The 2,250-meter-high Nemrut Crater Lake, which was awarded the “Excellence Award” as part of the “European Distinguished Destinations” project, provides an endless perspective and a visual feast throughout the year.

Nemrut Crater Lake location

Along with its stunning natural surroundings, the lake draws both domestic and international visitors every year with its hot and cold lakes, ice cave, steam chimney, bird species, and biodiversity. The crater lake’s natural splendour, which is also visible from the air, provides endless views.

Nafiz Tüzün claimed that the Nemrut Caldera has a beauty that interests him and that he returned to it this year after having the chance to visit it for the first time last year.

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