Kizilirmak Delta Bird Paradise: Samsun’s Hidden Avian Treasure

Kizilirmak Delta Bird Paradise Samsun's Hidden Avian Treasure

Over the course of the summer, almost 50,000 people visited Samsun’s Kzlrmak Delta Bird Paradise, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage Temporary List.

One of Turkey’s most significant wetlands, Kzlrmak Delta Bird Paradise, draws tourists with its natural splendor. The 56 thousand hectare Kzlrmak Delta Bird Paradise in Samsun’s 19 May, Bafra, and Alaçam districts has the distinction of being one of Turkey’s most significant locations for the protection of wildlife.

Kizilirmak Delta Bird Paradise Samsun's Hidden Avian Treasure

On April 13, 2016, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality provided tourists with bicycles, electric bicycles, and battery-powered cars in the Kzlrmak Delta Bird Paradise, which was listed as a temporary World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Every year, more people are becoming interested in the delta, which has facilities like a visitor center, an image monitoring center, an exhibition hall, and a sales department where regionally distinctive items are offered.

The delta was visited by 2023.5 visitors during the summer of 600. Visitors can only travel through the Kzlrmak Delta Bird Paradise on bicycles, electric bicycles, and battery-powered vehicles since Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has worked to limit human interference with the natural world.

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Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Demir noted that Kzlrmak Delta Bird Paradise is a crucial wetland for Samsun, Turkey, as well as the entire world.

Kzlrmak Delta Bird Paradise is becoming more popular. We provide the finest service possible to visitors as the Metropolitan Municipality, and we also make sure that the area’s natural wonders are protected. The area, which is very appealing to photographers and environment enthusiasts, is become more and more appealing. All nature lovers must experience this natural paradise, where wildlife is protected.

The Kzlrmak Delta Bird Sanctuary is a Wildlife Development Area and is protected by the International Ramsar Convention. It is home to 174 different bird species.

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