Alanya Castle: Where History Meets the Mediterranean

On Turkey’s southern shore, Alanya is among the most charming cities. A castle called Alanya Castle, which was erected in the 13th century and is one of the city’s must-see attractions, is situated south of Alanya.

This article will provide you with directions to Alanya Castle, information on its history, and a wealth of travel advice including admission fees, locations, and more.

Things to Do at Alanya Castle

Things to do in Alanya Castle

The Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat constructed the castle in 1221 after capturing the city and ordering its reconstruction. The fortress has 140 bastions and 83 towers. The city’s water needs were met by about 400 cisterns when it was still enclosed in walls during the Middle Ages. Even now, several of the cisterns are still in operation.

The castle was constructed atop the remains of byzantine and roman defenses. At the tip of a rocky peninsula that is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea on three sides, it rises 250 meters above the water.

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Inner Castle

On top of the peninsula, there is an outdoor museum. The inner fortress has relics from the Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman eras.

Alanya Castle Where History Meets the Mediterranean

The inner castle at the tip of the peninsula can be reached through a path from Ehdemek. There is a cost to enter this place. A red brick-encased water cistern may be seen on the left. It is still in operation and is one of roughly 400 cisterns that are dispersed throughout the castle.

One of the parts of the citadel that has so far been best conserved is the Byzantine Church. During the Seljuk era, the church served as a tiny mosque. The area behind the church, which is accessible by stairs, functions as an observation terrace. It is advised to observe the breathtakingly lovely city from here, especially around sunset.

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