Mardin Tourism Triumph: 2.65 Million Visitors in the Year 2023

Situated in the “golden triangle” region of Mesopotamia, Mardin welcomed 2,650 thousand visitors in 2023. Known as the “golden triangle” of Mesopotamia, Mardin is one of the provinces in the Southeastern Anatolia Region, which receives thousands of visitors each year from both domestic and international travel, giving a new rise to Mardin tourism.

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Gürgör said that they anticipate having more than a million rooms in 2024 and mentioned that 2 million 560 thousand people visited the city in 2022, of which 650 thousand stayed in hotels.

“This year, we wanted to accommodate one million people. We arrived at a value of 850 in 2019. Following the earthquake in 2023, there was a drop. After that, we started the healing process. There was a significant demand after May. We spent about 650 thousand days there. Both the number of hotels and the number of bedrooms have increased.”

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Güngör noted that Mardin’s residents who now reside in large cities had significantly improved Mardin tourism.

“Mardin residents who live in big cities have made significant investments in this area. Our guests from neighboring provinces were likewise numerous. Specifically, our visitors offered lodging for the day or in the closest provinces. Diyarbakir was one of the closest provinces.

While staying there, our guests visited Mardin on a daily basis. We have around two million entries and exits from churches, historical sites, and hotels, based on the information we have been given. We were pleased by this. Now, the quantity of visitors has dispersed over a full year. Demand for New Year’s Eve is really high. Everyone has already received an invitation for New Year’s Eve.”

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