Museums and Ruins are Turkey’s Cultural Treasure

Museums and ruins with the honours win and the new works they have added to their collections, museums and ruins that continue to expose Turkey’s cultural treasure to the globe received more than 16 million people last year.

With their prizes and new works added to their collections, museums and ruins that continue to exhibit Turkey’s cultural treasure to the globe welcomed more than 16 million visitors last year, a rise of 82 percent.

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Turkey has 428 museums, with 219 of them being private. In museums affiliated with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s General Directorate of Cultural Assets and Museums, 3,278,114 works are on show, while 417,000 works are on display in private museums. 60 percent are coins, 27 percent are archaeological objects, 7% are ethnographic artefacts, and 6% are other artefacts.

In the excavation and surface survey, 5,200 works were brought to museums. Since 2014, 31,310 pieces at museums have been restored and conserved, and 126,084 works have been restored and conserved.

5,200 works were delivered to museums in Turkey as a result of 665 excavations and surface surveys carried out with the help of local and foreign academics and museums. In addition, 3,480 antiquities that had been smuggled out of the country were returned.

Museums and Ruins are Turkey's Cultural Treasure

The number of visitors to museums that were closed for an extended period of time due to Covid-19 restrictions fell below 9 million last year. The number of visitors climbed by 82 percent to 16,250,000 after museums reopened in 2021.

Yazg mentioned that they help the private museums – cultural treasure that they coordinated in order to overcome issues, particularly those caused by the virus, and that they had 25 million visitors in 46 museums that were turned into virtual museums during the pandemic.

Turkey's cultural treasure

According to Yazg, the recent excavations and surface works, as well as the cultural riches that have been restored to Turkey, have necessitated the construction of new museums.

“In the last 10 years, we have increased by 52 percent of the total museums, together with private museums. That’s a very important number. It is also a signature of how important museum making is in Turkish cultural life.”

In the previous two years, the Republic’s history has been shattered in private museums, according to Yazg, who underlined that 26 new private museums – cultural treasure – opened their doors to tourists last year and 29 last year.

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