Don’t Miss These Things to Do in Cankırı Turkey

Cankırı Turkey is a community in Central Anatolia surrounded by Krkkale, Ankara, Bolu, Karabük, and Kastamonu, with a population of 180 thousand people. Cankırı Turkey, which has a lot of tourism potential, has a lot of history and natural beauty due to the adoption of several civilizations.

Koca Meşe

Koca Meşe Koca Meşe

Koca Meşe is a place worth visiting (big oak tree). This tree, which is a very large oak tree, is located in the southeast of Karacaözü Village, directly next to the creek bed, as its name suggests. The height of its primary trunk and branches astounds and surprises those who view it up close. With the trunk’s height, the branches are around 15 metres long. The Big Oak, whose body is empty and cannot be filled, is one of the places you must see if you come to the area.

Çankırı Castle

Çankırı Castle Things to Do Cankırı Turkey

You can begin your adventure at Cankırı Castle, one of the best things to do in Cankırı Turkey. The Hittites erected the fortress, which reflects a period in the history of Cankırı, and used rubble stone and brick in its construction. Cankırı Castle, located in the city’s northern outskirts, stands at a height of 730 metres. It has been utilised by the Romans, Byzantines, Danişmentliler, Seljuks, and Ottomans since its construction.

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Çankırı Houses


Cankırı Houses can be added to your list. Ankr Houses, which have been made available for tourism, give a wealth of information about the period’s geological and economic structure. As a result of the decision of the Immovable Cultural and Natural Heritage High Council, 108 houses have been registered and placed under protection. These houses, which have all of the characteristics of a traditional Turkish home, are usually built on two levels. The kitchen and living areas are on the first level, which is designed for the winter. Guests are usually restricted to the second floor. On the second floors of all houses, there are always empty rooms.

Thermal Spring in Çankırı Kurşunlu

Things to Do Cankırı Turkey

In Cankırı Turkey, there is a thermal spring. Kurşunlu is the city’s most major thermal tourism destination. The avundur Thermal Springs, which have been utilised as a hotel for many years, are about an hour’s drive from Ankr. The facility, which has a total of 115 rooms and two pools, is an excellent place to unwind and enjoy the day.

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