Uludag becomes favorite place to spend weekend

This weekend, Uludag, one of the most prominent ski resorts, became a popular tourist destination. The ski slopes and hotels were both bursting at the seams with day-trippers.

Uludag becomes favorite place to spend weekend

The air temperature was 3 degrees below zero in Uludag, Turkey’s largest winter and outdoor sports centre with a capacity of 17 hotels, facilities, and 5,000 beds, and the snow thickness was 40 cm. Despite the lack of snow, Uludag was packed this weekend with day-trippers. Locals and visitors alike enjoyed skiing by crowding the slopes.

Selin Gundogan, who stated he was on a day excursion from Istanbul, stated:

“We are having a great time, everything is going very well. It looks pretty good in intensity, too. We’re having so much fun. Get out, get out. I came to Uludag for the first time. It’s all good. We’re a little cold, which is normal. I just tried skiing. I fell to the ground, I don’t plan on trying again.” Semra Aydemir said, “We came from Istanbul for the day. It’s my first time, and I love it. We learned to ski. Or rather, we didn’t find out. We are slipping, I recommend it to everyone.”

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Yasin Can Erdem remarked that he visits Uludag two or three times a year and prefers it for skiing. It’s entertaining. It is a location that we feel to be quite lovely in terms of nature and environment. During the outbreak, many were overburdened. And, as a result of their exhaustion, people flock to tourist attractions like this.

Sheikma Sahin, who travelled to Uludag for the weekend break from Alanya, remarked,

“This is my first time. It’s beautiful here, it’s fun, but it’s a little hard. We’re slipping. It’s the first time I’ve been trying skiing. It’s so cold. Alanya’s never like this, I’m freezing. I’m not used to this place because I’m used to summer tourism. That’s why I’m having a hard time. But I still loved it and I always want to come.” Sedat Şeker, who says she is a nurse, is also from Istanbul. I’m a nurse. We had a chance, we ran away. It’s fun, it’s good. We’re just trying to do something. As health workers during the pandemic period, we had difficult and troubled days.”

In Uludag, gendarmerie personnel are continuing their operations. Tourists are frequently advised to obey the pandemic’s regulations in order to avoid becoming lost. To avert any negative incidents, Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) squads patrol the ski slope using snowmobiles. Winter tyres and chains are checked at toll stations in national parks. Vehicles that do not have winter tyres or chains are not permitted to enter the hotel area.

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